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IQ Points are a point system inspired heavily by the Elo ranking system that is used in zero-sum games such as Chess to officially rank players. This system is used in Suspects and are gained from winning games, and players lose them by losing in games. IQ Points are both a counter of a player's wins and are the gateway to higher "difficulty" Classic Modes. Having 0 IQ Points pits you in Beginner, having 1050 IQ Points unlocks Intermediate, and having 1700 IQ Points unlocks Advanced. IQ Points cannot be lost or gained when playing a Special Event. If the player ever so happened to have less IQ Points than the amount the difficulty the player was on previously requires, the player will go down one tier of difficulty.

Players with the highest IQ Points are shown in the leaderboards, players with the highest IQ Points in your specific country are listed on the "local" leaderboard tab, and players with the highest IQ Points all around the world are shown in the "global" leaderboard tab.

How the IQ Point System Works[]

One a game is completed, the team that won takes away points from the loosing team. The quantity of IQ Points recieved/lost is determined by the difference in the average IQ Points of all players who played in the match, including the winning and losing team. Because of this, the IQ Point system fundamentally works like this:

If the team with the higher IQ Point average wins, the winning team takes less IQ Points from the losing team, and if a team with a lower IQ Point average than the other team wins, more IQ Points are taken from the losing team. Then the number of IQ Points gained/lost is divided by the number of players in each team to split the points to fairly. (And since there is less Killer team players in every gamemode in comparison to Guest team players, the Killers usually gain/lose more IQ Points than Guests)

At IQ levels lower than 1500 IQ Points, players also get additional IQ Points added upon their total at the end of the game for doing various objectives depending on the role they're playing as. If the player is a Guest, Inspector or Detective, they will get additional IQ Points for completing tasks, fixing lights, deactivating bombs, and voting on the Killer(s). If the player is a Killer, they will get bonus IQ Points for killing players, planting bombs, and sabotaging lights.

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